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New Mexico speaks through the buzz of bees, the hubbub of the Farmer’s Market, the desert wind blowing through cedar branches. A feast for the senses awaits. 

Clear Light is New Mexico. New Mexico is True. Experiences here are authentic, whether from the cultures that have lived here for centuries, the landscape that offers variety found nowhere else, or the people who are genuine and friendly. All five senses will tell you this is a special place; will inform you that you have discovered a unique part of the world. New Mexico True.

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We LOVE What We Do

The glamour of Hollywood

Josh Peine - The Actor

Making cedar products was never part of Peine’s plan. After building a successful acting career in Hollywood throughout the 1960’s, Josh was armed with a handful of film and television credits.

On the road

Josh & his Harley

Peine grew tired of auditions, rejections, and head shots. So, he did what thousands of actors did before and after him, and in1970 he left it all behind. Peine, an avid biker, climbed on his Harley Davidson and headed north, looking for opportunity or chance, not sure which would show its face first. He rode through California and into southern Canada, before looping around and making his way south to New Mexico and the small community of Placitas. 

The birth of Clear Light

Cedar pushed itself into his life

A dynamic people person with a knack for making friends, Peine forged a relationship with members of the Navajo and Hopi tribes nearby and by chance, it provided the opportunity he was looking for when he left Hollywood. He learned from the Native Americans the properties and uses of cedar, something that piqued his interest from the very start. Peine had found exactly the place that he didn’t know he was even looking for. An adventurer with a love for all things outdoors.

Who us?

People began to take notice

In 1984, through customer testimonials about Clear Light’s sachets, the company received publicity in The New York Times and Apartment Life magazine, which accelerated Clear Light’s growth. The newfound exposure led to contracts with L.L. Bean and Orvis, and a need to produce his sachets in bulk.

The light went out

Passing from Josh to Penny

Peine, who passed away in 2006, is still the primary influence on operations at Clear Light, which is run by the company’s small and dedicated staff, and Peine’s sister Penny, who took over ownership and operations following his death. 

Closed for business

Retiring Chemist Forces Clear Light to Close

Penny was well into her late 80s when she found out the main chemist that created and manufactured the products from 1971 to 2017 was retiring. The business liquidated.

Rebirth of the brand

Longtime Spa Product Company Re-launches Clear Light

When I was originally researching and developing the products in our line, I approached it not only as a formulator, but as a consumer who was frustrated with the skin care market.  Each one of the products was developed with no corners cut to save cost, no inexpensive fillers to water them down, and only the most effective active ingredients to create products that work and support healthy, age-defying skin. We continue this approach with our collection today because we believe healthy skin is beautiful skin. We’ve taken the guesswork out of skincare and created the formulas you would create for yourself. Our innovative and complex skincare formulas are made from consciously sourced ingredients and lovingly prepared in small batches. We produce our entire collection in our dedicated private lab. Every single ingredient is carefully curated to feed the skin and deliver results.

The biggest leap in quality

All Products Certified Vegan/Cruelty Free

Clear Light has always been about respecting the planet and being good to people. All of our products have been certified clean & green. We only use the best organic, natural and wildcrafted ingredients.

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