Here are ten ways you can get 2021 off to a good start, just make sure you start in late 2020!

Wow, what a year 2020 has been, COVID-19 has impacted everyone on the planet in some way. Yes, before we agree to 2021 we want to see the Terms & Conditions!

We hope this post about purpose and preparing for 2021 empowers you to take control so that you and your venture may thrive. Let’s get started.

1. Revisit your Purpose and Goals

As Social Entrepreneurs you are bound to have a deep and driving passion. However, you are not immune to becoming distracted by the daily tasks and toil of launching and/or running your business. Take some time to check that your day to day activities align with your purpose, and set some short and long term goals for the year.

2. Update your calendar

Do a quick check of up and coming events in your industry. Save the dates of the ones where you are most likely to meet potential clients, like minded individuals, or be inspired. A business doesn’t grow itself, you need to plan time for making new contacts and learning from others.

3. Think BIGGER!

2021 is going to be a great year for growing your business – so says the power of positive thinking. So how can you get started? Review the network you have already built. You may have spent a good amount of time building your network in 2020, or perhaps this was an area of business you neglected. Either way, now is a fantastic time to revisit the connections you have to identify and act on new business opportunities. Follow up on a contact, an email, or a suggestion made by a friend. While you’re at it, touch base with your clients and followers to let them know your big plans for 2021!

4. Plan your budget

Taking time to make some financial projections and create a management plan for your cash flow could end up saving your business from collapse. Always be on the alert for new income streams for your business, stop pursuing areas that look as though they will never make a profit, be resourceful and efficient with your time and resources. For some tasks you can save money on by doing them yourself, while for other tasks you may be far better off hiring a professional who can get the job done quickly and with excellence.

5. Make time for yourself

Things may get hectic this year – your ‘To Do’ list is massive and growing, you’re feeling motivated and you want to spend every second of every day building your amazing business. But this is neither possible nor wise. To avoid fizzling out like a sparkler, plan to take a little time every day for yourself (this does not include showering). Take a walk, do some yoga, play some sport – tennis, soccer, bocce… whatever’s you thing!

6. Learn something new

If you are lacking knowledge in a specific area your business may be suffering. Stop doing things the same way you’ve always done them and discover a new, innovative way to operate. Learning a new skill such as accounting, marketing, programming or public speaking will make you a more well-rounded and productive entrepreneur, up-skill yourself!. Make this the year you conquer a professional fear, learn a new skill, and grow your professional network while doing so.

7. Water your Social Media garden

Social Media is incredible for startup enterprises! Without even leaving your office you can grow awareness for your company or product, connect with your loyal supporters, engage in a conversation in your industry, or create a new one. So, if you’re an irregular user of the social media channels it’s time to make it a habit. Start by planning a few posts per week on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and before you know it you’ll have a solid online presence!

8. Improve project collaboration

There is a truckload of online tools to help your team work together, even when you can’t be in the same place at the same time. ASANASlackWrike and Trello are just a few you could try. By getting the whole team set up using the same tool at the beginning of January you’ll be off to a great start! Collaboration tools will help you to monitor projects and deadlines, keep track of what needs to be done and share thoughts and documents.

9. Stay in the know

Paying attention to the latest news can provide insights into your industry and their customer trends so that you can make more informed decisions. It also keeps you cultured and assists in starting conversations. Remember, we live in a small and connected world now. What’s going on around the world impacts your business.

10. Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself is about continually setting higher goals, trying new things, feeling vulnerable and facing your fears. If you find yourself making assumptions, question them. Ask yourself tough questions, admit when you are wrong or when something needs to change.

If you feel like you are just cruising along or even getting bored, it’s probably time to change things up, to pursue a new project or learn a new skill. You don’t want to get stuck in a rut, even if it is warm, comfortable and easy. So in 2021, Challenge Yourself and Thrive.