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Intro to Astrology Workshop with Keith Allen West

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Keith Allen West makes learning astrology fun and useful! Astrology sees mankind as being not only influenced by hereditary factors and the environment, but also by the state of our solar system at the moment of birth. The planets are regarded as basic life-forces, the tools we live by as well as the basis of our very substance. These planetary forces take on different forms, depending on their zodiacal position and on the way they relate to one another.

Solar-SystemThe aspects formed between the planets describe these relationships, the positions of the planets in relation to the place of birth tell us of their expression in the spheres of life depicted by the astrological houses.

By interpreting the roles of these players (the planets) and their qualities (the elements, signs and houses) and creating a synthesis, astrology is able to present a complete and comprehensive picture of the person and his potential, based on the natal horoscope.

Characteristics of the Zodiac Signs. Breaking down some of the traits of each Zodiac sign, patterns to watch out for, a cool little color coded chart, plus why I think a Virgo created the whole astrology thing.

The Planets. Let’s get acquainted with the planets, shall we? A brief primer on what the planets represent.

The Astrological Houses.  We’re pulling back the curtains and peeping into the Astrological Houses!

The Aspects. Time to get your geometry on as we dive into the main aspects. Aspects are the angles between planets – and they can influence ’em for good or ill.

The Ascendant or Rising Sign. What’s your public image? This is how the world sees you.

Chart patterns.  The chart patterns hold clues.

The Hemispheres. Is your chart bottom-heavy, top-heavy, to the left or to the right?

Qualities – Strength and Weakness. Which quality is large and in charge – or not?

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