Clear Light New Mexico

Cedar Rich Hand & Body Cream


Our Intense Hand & Body Cream (Creme) formula is packed with moisture! It is extraordinarily rich, dense and buttery, featuring sumptuous Shea and Mango Butters, hydrating Organic Jojoba Oil, and oh so soothing Evening Primrose Oil. Melting in deeply and absorbing completely, it gives the look and feel of total hydration to even the driest of dry skin, leaving a glowing, long-lasting soft satin sheen. This product is perfect as a deeply relaxing, moisturizing body butter, and/or massage creme.

Working in the Emergency Room I wash my hand HUNDREDS of times a day. Between that and the hand sanitizer I get really dry. The only thing that helps is this AMAZING Cedar Rich Hand & Body Cream. Thank you! – Betty J.

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