Clear Light New Mexico

Lavender - Dried Bundle


Our Grosso lavender is naturally grown without any pesticides, hand gathered and cut, and allowed to air dry at peak season to preserve the fragrance and beauty of your lavender. Then bundled and packaged for you to enjoy for your special event or crafting.

*This variety is not an edible variety.

In storage and in mailing you will find that a few buds will fall off your lavender. This is called, shattering and is normal and should not affect the beauty of your arrangements. Scoop them up and add them to a sachet bag for fragrance in your linen closet, car or nightstand.

Most asked question- How long will they stay fresh? 

Answer-Lavender will maintain its fragrance for years, although I believe they should be replaced yearly as if left out for display the lavender stems will slightly yellow. We keep them stored in large Rubbermaid tubs to retain freshness for our customers. We typically sell out of our stock before the next year begins and only sell the years stock as to maintain the quality and freshness.

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