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Clear Light Gift Card

Clear Light Gift Card

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Send the gift card for Clear Light. Nothing makes people happier than the smell of New Mexico Cedar in their homes. 

You can use the gift cards to make purchases from your store both online and in person.

A quick and easy way to send gifts without the hassle of shipping. If you buy it for a gift you just have to forward the email to the person. It can even be stored in the Apple Wallet for use on an iPhone or iPad.

When you place an order with a gift card, you'll receive an email that contains a unique gift card code that they can use at checkout to redeem its value online for anything we sell.


Clear Light is New Mexico. Experiences here are authentic, whether from the cultures that have lived here for centuries, the landscape that offers variety found nowhere else, or the people who are genuine and friendly. All five senses will tell you this is a special place; will inform you that you have discovered a unique part of the world.

We infuse the spirit of New Mexico into each authentic, hand-crafted item. Clear Light is New Mexico True Certified – 100% made in New Mexico.

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