Astrology Reading for AstroHealing with Keith West (60 minute)

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Keith West is a seasoned truth teller–he will make you laugh at yourself. He makes crazy normal…by showing you where you are just being yourself as described by the stars. For 30 years he has helped people find their ability to fall in love with themselves—just the way they are.  He was known world-wide for his Astrology work at his French Quarter cafe VooBrew in New Orleans.

He is the first person to create a 3D way to express your astrology using his AstroHealing chart with a full set of three dimensional planets. His style makes astrology visual, functional and the impact is immediate.

These in-depth readings explain your unique personality traits, relationships, and other life circumstances. Make improvements in your personal wellness, love, money, work and more!

Perhaps you didn’t know that you have signed a contract  before you came into this lifetime but you are indeed carrying a promise to learn some lessons and Keith terms the process AstroHelaing. Astrology provides the tools to help you follow through with that promise and do what you came to do and learn. 

An astrologer is comparable to a detective seeking to unearth that which is hidden. A good session ought to help you find your purpose, and your strengths that you may have taken for granted allowing you to get unstuck. There’s an art to telling truth to someone without hurting them.

Keith West’s style provides a formula that’s tried and true. He has been developing it over the last 3 decades and it always starts off with the following:

  • Your birth date
  • Your birth time
  • Your birth location
  • And….voila! the chart is executed.

Here's what we will cover:

  • Your numerology forecast for the year. The theme of your year and specific details based on birthday numbers.
  • Your astrological chart read covering all 12 houses
  • The 3 major points in your chart; sun, moon and rising sign explained
  • Predictions for you in the immediate future
  • Money issues; good years and challenging years for financial gain
  • Ways to make money
  • Travel
  • New car years
  • Brothers and sister issues
  • Home Life
  • Family issues
  • Real Estate
  • Moving, remodeling, sales of land and property
  • Parents
  • Kids
  • Love Affairs
  • Best times to get pregnant
  • Hobbies
  • Pets
  • Ex boyfriends and girlfriends
  • Weight gain and weight loss years
  • Marriage and divorce
  • Who's most compatible with you?
  • Legal aspects
  • Business partners
  • Sex
  • Your partner's money
  • Taxes, bills, insurance
  • Education
  • In-laws
  • Spiritual development
  • Long distance travel
  • Career peaks and lows
  • What career best suits you
  • Friendships
  • Past lives, karma and hidden things
  • Your soul's purpose and lessons
  • Signs you have had past life connections with
  • What you were in a previous lifetime
  • Work
  • Coworkers
  • Health outlook
  • Lots of intuitive impressions will also be included
  • There is a period for your answers and questions.

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