Clear Light New Mexico

Adopt A Cedar Tree


Adopt a Cedar and Keep the High Desert Growing for Future Generations to Enjoy!

Every single person alive today has been impacted by deforestation and climate change. We can’t pretend these issues are far away from us, and we can’t pretend things will just get better on their own. We ethically wildcraft our cedar WITHOUT cutting down trees, and as part of that process we certify each tree as healthy.

When you Adopt a Cedar, your symbolic gift will help to protect natural places you love. With your help, we can ensure that amazing natural treasures get the urgent protection and restoration that is critical to their survival.

Your $99 Adoption Fee will get you 25% off all orders from Clear Light for 12 months! Your adoption certificate includes get the GPS coordinates of your tree and a geo-marker on our adoption site showing your support!

You can adopt the tree in someone else's name by putting the name in the notes when you check out.

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