Clear Light Cedar

Room & Body Spray (Cedar, Lavender & Cedar, Saffron & Cedar, Tobacco & Cedar)


Our Room Mist & Body Mist will refresh and calm any room to smell like home with a long lasting Cedar scent. Shake well before each use. Spray liberally around the room to refresh. Use on yourself too! Now shipped ready to use!

  • Cedar - It has a fresh balsamic, aromatic fragrance with piney nuances. A green woody balsamic fragrance with a sweetish undertone. It finishes with a punchy, brightness that is really pleasing.

  • Lavender - An aromatic floral clean note, with green, fresh spicy, licorice facets. It has soothing, calming aromatic qualities. Placitas Lavender adds a herb-y note, almost spicy, like the scent of a hot summer’s night.

  • Saffron - A refined note coming from stamens of Crocus sativus, a small flower in the Iris family known since antiquity. Its odor profile is bittersweet, leathery, soft and intimate, with an earthy base note. You’ll get wafts of patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, spices, and white musk.

  • Tobacco - A rich, nuanced, warm and sweet herbaceous scent, with a note of whiskey, caramel, and hay. There is a wood line with dried fruits giving it a gourmand character, supported by what brings “cocoa” to mind.

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