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Cedar Spice Tea - 3 oz tin


Cedar Spice Tea is a flavorful mixture of New Mexico cedar needles, black teas and spices. It is inspired by tea making methods in India, where tea leaves and spices are simmered with whole milk, and makes a warming and revitalizing infusion.

Ingredients: Cedar Needles, Camellia sinensis (Black Tea), Spices.

The crushed tea & spices are added to a saucepan with water and left to simmer for about 15 minutes. 

We prefer steeping first in water alone because we find it makes a stronger infusion than adding the milk too soon.

The milk or dairy-free milk are then added and heated slightly. 

Pouring dairy-free milk into a saucepan to make our Masala Chai recipe

Then all that’s left is to add your sweetener of choice and strain.

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