Clear Light-the Cedar Company

Cedar & Sage & Lavender Hand Sanitizer Gel - 4oz


Please Limit Your Purchase to 4 Bottles.

Crisp cedar needles with our Placitas Lavender is rich in scent, having a distinctively herbaceous smell that reminds of the natural scent of flowering lavender. Wildcrafted Sage essence.

66% perfume grade 200 proof alcohol. Bottle color may vary. Some have disc caps as we use recycled packaging. Bottle color may vary. We use 100% recycled plastic. 

WHY ARE THERE 2 LABELS ON THE HAND SANITIZER? We only use 100% recycled plastic bottles. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is very limited resources in the USA right now for 4 oz plastic bottles. We felt it was so URGENT to get hand sanitizer out that we took bottles from another project and re-purposed those labeled cleanser bottles for the sanitizer. We placed the correct label over the top of the cleanser labels and filled them by hand with our amazing Hand Sanitizer to get them out fast! Thanks for understanding!

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