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Heart Air Freshener - Handmade Clay

Heart Air Freshener - Handmade Clay

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Searching for an air freshener that didn't trigger allergies or asthma was a tougher project than I expected and thus was the beginning of the handmade clay air freshener. Each air freshener is handmade using earthenware clay and a hand carved texture roller. While they are all the same size and shape each one has its own unique characteristics.

To use, place 2-3 drops of essential oil onto the clay disc and hang it wherever you need a little aromatherapy or fragrance. I have one in the car, the laundry room, the closet, on the lamp next to my get the idea. You get to control the quality of fragrance that you surround yourself with.


Clear Light is New Mexico. Experiences here are authentic, whether from the cultures that have lived here for centuries, the landscape that offers variety found nowhere else, or the people who are genuine and friendly. All five senses will tell you this is a special place; will inform you that you have discovered a unique part of the world.

We infuse the spirit of New Mexico into each authentic, hand-crafted item. Clear Light is New Mexico True Certified – 100% made in New Mexico.

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