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Lavender Cocktail Picks (50 pack)

Lavender Cocktail Picks (50 pack)

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Having a cocktail party, bridal shower, wedding or just want to add a special touch to your cocktail?

This is the perfect touch to add to cocktails or use as appetizer picks. 

When using as appetizer garnish or sticks don't make them to far ahead as the moisture will soften the stems if left for to long. Perfect for items that don't have a lot of moisture content.

We love to skewer blackberries and mozzarella cheese as its quick to make up and impresses guests. To make them use a wooden skewer to first make a hole through your cheese and blackberry. Then use your lavender picks to push through the pre-made hole. Best used as a garnish as some stems aren't hefty enough to hold heavy items. Think light, dainty, cute appetizers.

This item works well with our large bulk Lavender Lemonade or our Lavender Simple Syrup that serves about 50 guests making the perfect cocktails.

Stems are left longer to adjust for any size cocktail glasses such as; martini, flute, low ball, high ball, hurricane, margarita, martini, and Irish coffee glasses just trim to desired size.

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