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Martini Shot- Colloidal Silver Finishing Spray

Martini Shot- Colloidal Silver Finishing Spray

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Colloidal Silver Finishing Spray with Lavender

Skin Type: All

Our finishing spray combines the curative powers of Colloidal Silver with the soothing properties of Lavender to keep your skin soft, healthy and radiant. Colloidal Silver’s germ-fighting properties help heal acne-prone skin or skin suffering from cuts or burns. Our uncommonly small Silver micro-particles are as low as .0008 microns. Thats a fraction of a single micron compared to other types which can contain Silver particles as large as 20 microns (or even larger). Smaller particles mean your body can absorb and utilize up to 99% of the colloidal Silver for instant healing. Youll see why micro-particle colloidal Silver is the very best there is for a healthy complexion. 

Distilled Water With Traces of Silver, Wild-Crafted Lavender Floral Water (Hydrosol), Cucurbita Pepso Seed Extract (Pumpkin Seed Peptide). Active Ingredient: Colloidal Silver.