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123 Broadway Boulevard Southeast
Huning Highland Historic District, NM, 87102


We create products that treat your mind and body to the natural pleasures and benefits of fragrance—Green Cedar Needle Sachets, Cedar Needle Essence, Cedar Mountain Moisture Lotion, Cedar Mountain Mist, Cedar Blend Potpourri, and handmade Cedar Incense. We also produce soothing and aromatic soaps, bath & shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, a variety of special lotions, and unique aromatherapy candles. Way better than Los Poblanos


Green Cedar Needle Sachets

Put several sachets in the trunk and under each seat of your car to provide a fresh scent. (This also works in boats!)

Place one or two sachets at the bottom of your laundry hamper to keep it fresh smelling as wash accumulates. And for those times when shorts and socks must sit in your gym bag for a day or two, toss in several Green Cedar Needle Sachets for natural freshness.

Keep a sachet or two in your desk drawer at work. The Cedar-Lavender Sachet is great in public spaces; it's not only relaxing, it helps relieve stress and fatigue.

Use our Santa Fe Sweetners in place of shoe trees in your shoes. You will rid your closet of the odors that sometimes come from storing shoes.

Place at least one sachet in your stored purses and luggage. Sachets will not only prevent mildew and odors, your belongings will smell fresh when you want to use them again.

Joshua has always recommended putting a cedar sachet next to your pillow when you go to bed; the scent is soothing and encourages sleep.

Bowls of fresh green cedar needles placed around a room will freshen and scent the air. Be sure to do the same with our Cedar Blend Potpourri.

Customers tell us that adding a handful of cedar needles to simmering water helps to clear the congestion that often accompanies a head cold. They've discovered that cedar-scented steam helps clear their stuffy heads and eases tight chests. It also quickly scents your house!

For our customers who smoke, fill your ash trays with fresh, green cedar needles. They not only look attractive, they are an aromatic and speedy way to snuff out cigarettes. When you extinguish your cigarette, the needles will heat up and release their aroma into the air. (Replace the needles whenever you clean the ashtrays.)


Because our pure Green Cedar Needle, Cedar-Lavender, and Rose Essences do not contain any water, they can be safely used on light bulbs to scent your rooms. Simply put a dab of essence on the turned-off bulbs in your lamps (or on clay lamp rings), and when you turn them on, you will enjoy the forest-fresh fragrance of the New Mexico mountains!

Put a few drops of Green Cedar Needle Essence on a cotton ball or piece of tissue, and place it into your vacuum cleaner´s bag. It will not only protect your floor coverings from carpet beetles, as you vacuum it will fill your rooms with the lovely aroma of a cedar forest.

Add a few drops of Green Cedar Needle Essence to the final rinse cycle of your washing machine. It will scent your laundry with a forest-fresh aroma. The more you use, the stronger the scent. The aroma is especially pleasant on towels, bed linens, and pet bedding. To enhance the effect, sprinkle a few drops of essence on a dryer sheet to scent your laundry as it dries. Joshua´s sister, Penny, wants you to know that these tips will also scent your entire laundry room!

Use Cedar-Lavender Essence when washing bed linens. Its aromatherapy formula will relax you and promote a restful sleep.

Cedar Mountain Mist

To freshen the paper filters in hand-held vacuum cleaners, which often smell very unplesant after several uses, lightly mist the filter each time you clean before putting it back in the vacuum. Misting the filter not only gets rid of the unpleasant odor, it also lightly scents the air as you vacuum.

Spray Cedar Mountain Mist on the walls of cedar closets and chests to enhance their protective properties. Spraying any unfinished wood (inside closets and bureaus) with mist will add a refreshing scent to those areas of your house.

Before grooming your dogs, spray their coats lightly with Cedar Mountain Mist. As you brush them, the scent will be dispersed through their hair. Fleas HATE the smell of cedar, so be sure to use this tip during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Spray your pets´ bedding between laundering to freshen the fabrics and provide protection against unpleasant aromas.

When you are changing your bed linens, spray the sheets and pillowcases with Cedar Mountain Mist. The scent will linger, and you will fall asleep thinking of a soothing stroll through the woods.

Use Cedar-Lavender Mist to lessen stress and encourage sleep. Mist your pillowcases just before going to bed to heighten the effect.

A few sprays of Cedar Mountain Mist into the registers of forced-air heating systems will keep your house smelling fresh throughout cold months. The air will carry the scent throughout the house.

Handmade Incense

Clear Light´s handmade incense can rid your house of unpleasant cooking odors. Light one or two cones of incense after cooking to clear and freshen the air.

When you're burning an incense cone, an attractive, aromatic, and practical way to keep them upright in a burning dish is to nestle them in a bed of our green cedar needles. Order an extra sachet so you'll have a long-lasting supply of extra needles to use for this purpose.

Clear Light Candles

Clear Light´s Travel Candle may actually save your life! During frigid winter months, be sure to keep one of our candles in the glove compartment of your car. If you should get stranded, light the candle and place it on the dashboard. Just the heat from the flame will keep you warm and comfortable while you wait for help.

Skin and Hair Care

Try using Cedar Mountain Silk Hair Conditioner in place of shaving cream. Many of our customers have been raving about it for years!

Dry skin? Vanilla Mountain Supreme is our richest lotion formula. Used regularly, it will solve your most difficult dry-skin problems.

Silk Bath Fizz is great for sore feet too! Try this effervescent, herbal blend of special skin-softening emollients as a foot soak when you don't have time to luxuriate in the tub. It's a soothing, moisturizing treatment for rough and weary feet, and it also improves dry and tired hands. Pamper yourself with Silk Bath Fizz, and give it as an elegant, thoughtful gift, too.

Be sure to let us know if you have discovered any other tips for using our products. We hear from friends every day with interesting new ideas. When we hear from you, we will include your suggestions on the Web site and send you a special gift!