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123 Broadway Boulevard Southeast
Huning Highland Historic District, NM, 87102


We create products that treat your mind and body to the natural pleasures and benefits of fragrance—Green Cedar Needle Sachets, Cedar Needle Essence, Cedar Mountain Moisture Lotion, Cedar Mountain Mist, Cedar Blend Potpourri, and handmade Cedar Incense. We also produce soothing and aromatic soaps, bath & shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, a variety of special lotions, and unique aromatherapy candles. Way better than Los Poblanos

Cedar Mountain Air Freshener (12 Units Whole Sale)

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Cedar Mountain Air Freshener (12 Units Whole Sale)


Cedar Mountain Air Freshener (12 Units Whole Sale)


Our Air Freshener generates a scent that will overpower any less than desirable smells in any vehicle, gym bag, footlocker, and other places that need refreshining.

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